About us


Since we ‘TOKIWA’ was established in 1961 as Okayama Concrete Industry Co., Ltd, our business is conducted changes depending on the times and now in 2023, our group consists of 10 companies after retracting business portfolio several times.

Though each group and companies have a long history of over 50 years history in Okayama, this is because we have been striving for being the company which is loved, trusted and high expectation from local people. Recently the market and customer needs are changing by the minutes but we seize the opportunity and keep challenging and forward as the group can meet the evolving the needs.

We will keep contributing to revitalize the regional economy to join hands of different industries and companies in our group.

The TOKIWA Group consists of 10 companies, including Okayama Okayama Plaza Hotel Co., Ltd, Okayama Concrete Industry, MGH Co., Ltd, Plaza Kotsu Co., Ltd, Kibi Taxi Co.,Ltd, Tokiwa Manufacturing, Tsuchida Sangyo, Sanwa Seimitsu Co., Ltd, Tsuchida Kosan Co., Ltd, and Danke Co., Ltd.

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