The companies that make up the TOKIWA Group
share a common "Group Management Philosophy".
We will continue to be a company that contributes
to society while always following the best practices.

TOKIWA Group data
Address 703-8256 2-3-12 Hama Naka-ku Okayama city Okayama Japan
Established: 1961
Capital 295,400,000 yen
Revenues Approximately 11,500,000,000 yen(the entire group)
Employees Approximately 600 people

※Data as of February 2023.

<Our business>

Hotels, service areas, design, manufacture, sales, and construction of secondary concrete products, automobile maintenance, design, manufacture, and sales of special vehicles, Japanese inn with hot spring, parking lots, cabs, sightseeing buses, domestic travel, nursing care cabs, design, manufacture, and sales of various metal processing products, high-pressure gas, LP gas production and sales, machinery and equipment, machine tools, machine tools sales, stainless steel processing, real estate leasing, driving ranges, and nursing homes with care.

■Corporate citizenship

Nagayama Sekizenkai Foundation donated the following medical facilities and other facilities to Myanmar through the Japan-Myanmar Medical Personnel Development and Support Association, an authorized non-profit organization that provides scholarships to high school students.

  • ● Kalawell Village Tanlyin Town ship (2011/May/23)
  • ● Sin phone Village (2014/March/10)
  • ● East Dagon Town ship (2014/October/9)

Support for students from Myanmar to study medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, etc. at Okayama University.
Donation of funds for activities to NPO Lifesaving Okayama, etc.
Donations to the Okayama Branch of the Japanese Red Cross Society to fund branch activities, etc.



Our logo consists of the Yamaichi logo, which has been passed down from the time of our founding, and the and the shape of the sail of a Kitamae-bune, which has developed from the shipping business and the sails of the Kitamae-bune, which were inherited from the time of the company's founding.